Wholesale Socks

wholesale socks

wholesale socks

I have many customers , some are very big brands, some are start-up business and some are designers. Some major customers of mine can place an order of 36000 pairs for a single socks design. They can place this kind of orders because their distribution channels are vast. I have a few very big customers who own a few thousand shops, it is so easy for them to sell away their inventories.

And for start up company, my suggestion is to start small and gradually build up their brand. After all : no distribution channels = no sales

There are many befits by starting with wholesaling such as:

  • Less risk – Many people are often too confident in their own design. Being confident is a good thing, but over confident is bad. How do you know what people want? How do you guarantee that people like what you are offering? Doing wholesaling allow you to test the marker before investing too much money and your time in a single idea/product/design.
  • Time saving – Product development is a long progress, same for socks development. Some new customers came to me and demand me to help them to develop series of socks designs, and have the bulk production finish in two weeks. I am sorry, but this is not going to happen. Socks production require series of steps, from drafting, design rendering, sampling to production, every steps are crucial. So, for the customers who are desperate to have something to sell in their shops immediately, why don’t just  start with wholesaling?
  • Easy to store – Do you have any idea of how much space you require to store 6000 pairs of socks? 120~150 pairs of standard mid calf socks can be fitted into a 38x38x35cm carton box , which mean there will be at lease 40 to 50 carton box. So, before you are planning to place order for bulk production, ask yourself that do you have that much space for socks inventory?

So.. starting with wholesaling instead of doing production in bulk is quite a wise idea , especially for start-up companies. Many of my startup customers who have difficulties to absorb too many socks when they are first started , so they love to do wholesale business with me because I already have a few dozens styles available , all the socks that you saw on my online shop welcome wholesale order. The MOQ that I set for wholesale socks order is only 100 pairs per order ( can mix styles and size) Besides my women socks brand Da-Sein, I also own another unisex socks brand called : HONEY . We works with many different graphic and fashion designers, each seasons we work together and produce many novelty fashion socks for both women and men. Below are some designers wholesale socks in stock available for wholesale order.

Designer series :

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Random colored unisex crew socks  :

socks wholesale socks wholesale socks wholesale

Random colored ladies trainer socks  :

wholesale socks wholesale socks wholesale socks

Mens stripe trainer socks  :

trainer socks trainer socks trainer socks

Unisex sports socks  :

unisex sports socks unisex sports socks unisex sports socks

Unisex trainer socks  :

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 If you are interested, feel free to contact : order@dssox.com

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