Guide to wearing socks – Can you wear ankle socks with shoes?

Gray Over The Knee Socks

Guide to wearing socks – Can you wear ankle socks with shoes?

I have many friends and customers asked me whether they should wear socks with shoes? I would always say definitely! You definitely can wear any kind of shoes with socks. You can wear socks with booties, flats, shorts, boots, ankle boots, sneaker, vans, converse, running shoes and pretty much any type of shoes that you can think of. Socks were invented hundreds of years ago, many years have past and yet we are stilling wearing it today, it’s it a strong prove that socks are important to our life?

How to match socks to your outfit?

I would say it is really a person’s taste, you can use your creativity to put together what you think is good and comfortable. What I think does matter are the combinations of colors, colors play a big role in terms of dressing up correctly. The following content, I will put up some examples for you

The followings are some examples for how to wear socks with different kinds of shoes, some pictures I pull in out from other website, some pictures I received from customers showing me how they wear the socks I designed.

How to wear ankle socks with dress

women's ankle socks

This is one of my customer wearing my pink ankle sock . Can you see how the colors are matched together? Light warm gray top, yellow short skirt, pink hand bag, silver high heel shoes with pink ankle socks.

These 4 colors look very good together, it feels very warm and comfortable to look at. It is an excellent color combinations!

How to wear socks with ankle boots

ankle boots socks

One of my customer wear my blue ankle boots socks . She was wearing a royal blue velvet hat, long off- white coat, long casual dress in black, holding a gray handbag with gold chain and finally blue ankle socks for boots with black ankle boots.

Lets break down the color scheme and see how does it look.

This color scheme is towards cold tone, it gives a claim and cold kind of feel. Its a good match.

Here are some good example who girls can wear boots with ankle socks that I saw on line

socks with shoes

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socks with boots

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to be continued ….

Carson Siu