Da-Sein Socks Factory

Da-Sein Socks Factory

Da-Sein Socks Factory was founded by Hong-Kong-Based, brother and sister design duo Jessie and Carson Siu. Socks Factory is a subsidiary of Hung Fat Group which is one of the largest sewing thread and clothing accessories company in Hong Kong. Da-Sein’s designs are simple and elegant, bold geometry shapes with high contrast dynamic colors. Da-Sein’s products are sold in many countries, from Asia, Europe to North America. Its products receive many positive feed back around the globe, besides offering women’s cotton socks and it is now planing to launch a new Men’s line called DSSOX.

Besides selling socks under the brand name of Da-Sein, We are also a socks factory , we provide socks production services for customers. We have been a successful socks manufacturer for many years.

The name Da-Sein (pronounced as Da-Sign) is a German philosophical term with the meaning of human existence. Da-Sein Inc. is our existentialist propaganda to urge people to be different. The setting up of Da-Sein Inc. is us embracing and living out the spirit of existentialism. Through our company as a whole we hope to inspire changes of attitude in people which would eventually bring about changes in action.

We aim to reveal to you the potential possibilities-to-be of cotton socks. There are more than meet the eye. We totally believe a seemingly ordinary pair of socks could become the center of attention if we view them with different spectacles and put them under different lights.


Da-Sein Cotton Socks – Your number one choice of daily wear socks

Why choose Da-Sein Cotton Socks?

• Affordable and Reasonable Pricing
The founder of Da-Sein Carson and Jessie believe in earning money reasonably from customers, they against ridiculous markup pricing. Carson and Jessie grown up in a family owned factory, they know how factory works and how cheap the manufacture price for a garment product can be. Many well known brands are making so much money from customer by ridiculous markup pricing. Carson and Jessie are strongly against this practice because they believe in brand and company should build a life time mutual relationship with customers.

• Over 10000 Sales
Da-Sein have sold more than 30000 pairs of socks over the year, we got many wholesale and individual online orders since lauched. We gained many positive feedback from customers.

• Perfect gifts for friends
Have trouble buying an affordable gift for friends and families? You may want to consider buying our socks as a gift! Many of our customers told us that they bought our socks for their loves one, it is a very sweet and warm gift for friends.

• Durable and high quality
Da-Sein always aim to produce socks which can last long, we use the best material to produce socks, socks produced by us do last longer than many other socks in the market. Buy one pair of cotton socks from Da-Sein and save money buying many pairs from different brands. We hope it can save the planet from filling with bad quality of garments.

• Original design
Carson and Jessie are both designers, design is their 2nd nature. All the cotton socks you see in this shop are original. We believe in originality.

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