Custom Socks Design Project – Pakistan Star Horse

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Custom Socks Design Project – Pakistan Star Horse 

for the Hong Kong Jockey Racing Club

custom socks design

At the beginning of this year, I got a job from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, it is one of the oldest institutions in Hong Kong. Founded in 1884, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a horse racing operator and Hong Kong’s largest community benefactor, operating as a not-for-profit organisation. It is a non-profit organisation providing horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment in Hong Kong. It holds a government-granted monopoly in providing pari-mutuel betting on horse racing, the Mark Six lottery, and fixed odds betting on overseas football events.

The job that I got was about custom socks design and socks production for a series of legendary horses. The Jockey Club wanted me to help them to transfer a series of horse silks design onto socks. I will talk about each designs and process.

You know what Horse Silk is? Below is some examples of horse silk, each silk design represent an individual horse.

horse silk

One of the silk patterns that I am transferring is the silk pattern of the legendary horse : The Pakistan Star

The Jockey Club hoped I can design the socks for them with the silk pattern of the horse Pakistan Star

This is how Pakistan Star’s silk pattern looks like, the background is grass green, with 6 big white stars on the body, and 3 more big white stars on the hat.

After studying the design of the silk pattern, then I moved to the design process.

I did some variations, played with different arrangement. And finally I did a design which catch my customer’s attention.

custom socks

This was the design that Jockey Club picked. After the design stage was done, it was time to move on the the sampling stage, packaging design stage and finally the bulk production stage.

custom socks

This was the 1st production sample, if the design is simple enough, my factory can usually get the sampling stage done in the first time. Lets take a closer look of the sample > custom socks

The horse name was knitted onto the top cuff of the socks. The fonts were pretty good I think.custom socks design

Lets look at the stars pattern, pretty good it’s it?

After the sampling stage was done, we moved onto packaging design stage. Regarding the packaging design of this project, the Hong Kong Jockey Club actually hired a graphic designer to help them with the packaging design of the socks paper tag.

Here is how the socks paper tag design looks like >

custom socks manufacturer

I think this socks tag design is very nice, well done graphic designer !

custom socks design

This is the back of the socks paper tag.

The socks sampling and the paper tag design were done, it was time to do the bulk production, the quantity my customer ordered was 600 pairs for this design.

Below is the final product ! Done



Carson Siu