Custom Socks Design Project – Pakistan Star Horse

custom socks manufacturer

Custom Socks Design Project – Pakistan Star Horse 

for the Hong Kong Jockey Racing Club

custom socks design

At the beginning of this year, I got a job from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, it is one of the oldest institutions in Hong Kong. Founded in 1884, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a horse racing operator and Hong Kong’s largest community benefactor, operating as a not-for-profit organisation. It is a non-profit organisation providing horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment in Hong Kong. It holds a government-granted monopoly in providing pari-mutuel betting on horse racing, the Mark Six lottery, and fixed odds betting on overseas football events.

The job that I got was about custom socks design and socks production for a series of legendary horses. The Jockey Club wanted me to help them to transfer a series of horse silks design onto socks. I will talk about each designs and process.

You know what Horse Silk is? Below is some examples of horse silk, each silk design represent an individual horse.

horse silk

One of the silk patterns that I am transferring is the silk pattern of the legendary horse : The Pakistan Star

The Jockey Club hoped I can design the socks for them with the silk pattern of the horse Pakistan Star

This is how Pakistan Star’s silk pattern looks like, the background is grass green, with 6 big white stars on the body, and 3 more big white stars on the hat.

After studying the design of the silk pattern, then I moved to the design process.

I did some variations, played with different arrangement. And finally I did a design which catch my customer’s attention.

custom socks

This was the design that Jockey Club picked. After the design stage was done, it was time to move on the the sampling stage, packaging design stage and finally the bulk production stage.

custom socks

This was the 1st production sample, if the design is simple enough, my factory can usually get the sampling stage done in the first time. Lets take a closer look of the sample > custom socks

The horse name was knitted onto the top cuff of the socks. The fonts were pretty good I think.custom socks design

Lets look at the stars pattern, pretty good it’s it?

After the sampling stage was done, we moved onto packaging design stage. Regarding the packaging design of this project, the Hong Kong Jockey Club actually hired a graphic designer to help them with the packaging design of the socks paper tag.

Here is how the socks paper tag design looks like >

custom socks manufacturer

I think this socks tag design is very nice, well done graphic designer !

custom socks design

This is the back of the socks paper tag.

The socks sampling and the paper tag design were done, it was time to do the bulk production, the quantity my customer ordered was 600 pairs for this design.

Below is the final product ! Done



Wholesale Socks

wholesale socks

wholesale socks

I have many customers , some are very big brands, some are start-up business and some are designers. Some major customers of mine can place an order of 36000 pairs for a single socks design. They can place this kind of orders because their distribution channels are vast. I have a few very big customers who own a few thousand shops, it is so easy for them to sell away their inventories.

And for start up company, my suggestion is to start small and gradually build up their brand. After all : no distribution channels = no sales

There are many befits by starting with wholesaling such as:

  • Less risk – Many people are often too confident in their own design. Being confident is a good thing, but over confident is bad. How do you know what people want? How do you guarantee that people like what you are offering? Doing wholesaling allow you to test the marker before investing too much money and your time in a single idea/product/design.
  • Time saving – Product development is a long progress, same for socks development. Some new customers came to me and demand me to help them to develop series of socks designs, and have the bulk production finish in two weeks. I am sorry, but this is not going to happen. Socks production require series of steps, from drafting, design rendering, sampling to production, every steps are crucial. So, for the customers who are desperate to have something to sell in their shops immediately, why don’t just  start with wholesaling?
  • Easy to store – Do you have any idea of how much space you require to store 6000 pairs of socks? 120~150 pairs of standard mid calf socks can be fitted into a 38x38x35cm carton box , which mean there will be at lease 40 to 50 carton box. So, before you are planning to place order for bulk production, ask yourself that do you have that much space for socks inventory?

So.. starting with wholesaling instead of doing production in bulk is quite a wise idea , especially for start-up companies. Many of my startup customers who have difficulties to absorb too many socks when they are first started , so they love to do wholesale business with me because I already have a few dozens styles available , all the socks that you saw on my online shop welcome wholesale order. The MOQ that I set for wholesale socks order is only 100 pairs per order ( can mix styles and size) Besides my women socks brand Da-Sein, I also own another unisex socks brand called : HONEY . We works with many different graphic and fashion designers, each seasons we work together and produce many novelty fashion socks for both women and men. Below are some designers wholesale socks in stock available for wholesale order.

Designer series :

wholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale socksfile-page9wholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale sockswholesale socks

Random colored unisex crew socks  :

socks wholesale socks wholesale socks wholesale

Random colored ladies trainer socks  :

wholesale socks wholesale socks wholesale socks

Mens stripe trainer socks  :

trainer socks trainer socks trainer socks

Unisex sports socks  :

unisex sports socks unisex sports socks unisex sports socks

Unisex trainer socks  :

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 If you are interested, feel free to contact :

wholesale fashion socks

Guide to wearing socks – Can you wear ankle socks with shoes?

Gray Over The Knee Socks

Guide to wearing socks – Can you wear ankle socks with shoes?

I have many friends and customers asked me whether they should wear socks with shoes? I would always say definitely! You definitely can wear any kind of shoes with socks. You can wear socks with booties, flats, shorts, boots, ankle boots, sneaker, vans, converse, running shoes and pretty much any type of shoes that you can think of. Socks were invented hundreds of years ago, many years have past and yet we are stilling wearing it today, it’s it a strong prove that socks are important to our life?

How to match socks to your outfit?

I would say it is really a person’s taste, you can use your creativity to put together what you think is good and comfortable. What I think does matter are the combinations of colors, colors play a big role in terms of dressing up correctly. The following content, I will put up some examples for you

The followings are some examples for how to wear socks with different kinds of shoes, some pictures I pull in out from other website, some pictures I received from customers showing me how they wear the socks I designed.

How to wear ankle socks with dress

women's ankle socks

This is one of my customer wearing my pink ankle sock . Can you see how the colors are matched together? Light warm gray top, yellow short skirt, pink hand bag, silver high heel shoes with pink ankle socks.

These 4 colors look very good together, it feels very warm and comfortable to look at. It is an excellent color combinations!

How to wear socks with ankle boots

ankle boots socks

One of my customer wear my blue ankle boots socks . She was wearing a royal blue velvet hat, long off- white coat, long casual dress in black, holding a gray handbag with gold chain and finally blue ankle socks for boots with black ankle boots.

Lets break down the color scheme and see how does it look.

This color scheme is towards cold tone, it gives a claim and cold kind of feel. Its a good match.

Here are some good example who girls can wear boots with ankle socks that I saw on line

socks with shoes

source :

socks with boots

source :

to be continued ….

How to choose socks

how to choose socks

How to choose socks?

How to choose socks? Sounds like the answer to this question is obvious, isn’t it? Speaking of feet protection, people usually think of shoes first and socks being neglected. However, socks are actually having a more intimate relationship with people. Choosing the wrong pair of socks can do equally harm as choosing the wrong pair of shoes.

Common material of socks:

Cotton – Cotton is a natural material, it has been a common material in socks making for centuries. It provides good comfort and also able to absorb moist fast. But once cotton material absorbs too much water, it will take quite a while to try. So, it is not wise to wear a pair of socks with high percentage of cotton for sport activities. Socks with high concentration of cotton are not recommended for outdoor activities because it is not a fast drying material.

Wool – Same as cotton, people have been using wool for a long time in socks making. For socks making, socks makers do not use normal wool, they usually uses these kind of wool, such as: NEWWOOL, MERINOWOOL etc. These two kinds of wool are popular in underwear and socks making. When using wool as a material in garment fabrication, the wool must blend with other material and fiber. It is due to wool’s structure, if you use a microscope to see the surface of wool, you will discover that there are many sharp spikes pointing out from the surface of wool. That’s why people feel uncomfortable when wearing wool garment with high concentration of wool in it. So, special treatment will be needed when using wool in making underwear or other garment, because intimate garment do have direct contact to people’s skin.

Nylon and Spandex by DuPont. –  These two material are known as their excellent stretchability and durability. Nylon and spandex are often used in making of sport socks.

Coolmax – There is an excellent material called Coolmax which often found in sports socks. Coolmax is also invented by DuPont. Under the microscope, you will see that Coolmax fibers are hollow with cross pattern arrangement. This kind of structure hugely increase surface area, letting the surface able to expose to air, which let Coolmax has excellent rapid-dry ability. Garment with Coolmax fiber provide excellent breathability. But Coolmax is the not the right kind of material to use along when making socks or garments that can keep people stay warm.

Thermolite – Thermolite is another patented material invented by DuPont. This type of material can provide excellent stay-warm function for garment. The microscopic structure of Thermolite is hollow with circle cross section which created fuzzed structure that can trap heat to the wearer’s body.

Socks for outdoor activities

So, how to choose socks for outdoor activities? Many people may tell you that you must wear a thick pair of socks for outdoor activities. It sounds making a lot of sense, because a thick pair of socks can help to decrease the frictional force between the feet and socks, also able to protect skin from rubbing off by the shoes. However, what most of the people do not know is that, during traveling, human feet will swell 7-8%, swelled feet with a thick pair of socks is a very bad combination, because this kind of tightness will affect blood circulation. When this happen in cold environment likes Snow Mountain, it can cause frostbite.

So, how to choose socks for outdoor?

A right pair of socks for sport activities should have the following characteristics:

  1. Goods elasticity and stretchability.
  2. Cushion padding at the bottom.
  3. Thicken material at toe and heel.
  4. In very cool environment, buy a pair of socks with Thermolite and Coolmax




What socks are? Socks are a type of garment which people wear on their feet as a kind of production. There are so many types of socks, different types of socks made by different materials, for examples : Cotton, wool, silk and synthetic materials. Different materials provide specify functionalities, such as anti-odor, anti-bacterial, compression, keep warm and dry etc.


Socks Origin – a brief history of socks

The first kind of socks were found in the ancient Rome, in the Ancient Roman City, women used to tie thin ropes around their feet and legs as a protection. This kind of feet and legs ropes were consider as the first sock-liked sock. Until medieval period people used cloth to replace ropes. In 1589 England, a British called William Lee invented the first knitting machine which can used to make coarse wool, for stockings, and later in 1598, William Lee made some adjustment to his invention and turns the machine to produce a silk of finer texture in the 16th century, Spanish started making sock with knitting technique. According to other research, sock actually can be traced back to Ancient Egypt were Egyptian used to used hemp to weave some sort of sock.

Modern Socks

After a short period of time, French called Fournier started making stockings, until mid-17th century people produced cotton sock and started mass sock productions in 1860. Cotton was the main type of material in the making of sock, however sock produced by merely cotton is not durable and it was hard to acquire enough cotton for sock production. In 1938, an American company called DuPont invented a new material, which was nylon and in the same year, the first batch of nylon socks were being produced, nylon socks were very popular, after that the market of sock begin to change and evolve.

Liner sock / hidden sock was created in mind 1980, people worn it with shorts, sneaker and casual wear. It was very poplar due to its functionality.

Modern Sock – special materials

As people gain more knowledge in chemistry, more functionality has been added to sock and sock production becomes more advance. Do you know that the sock which American soldiers worn do not need to wash up to 2 months? You know why? It is because the material which being use to make soldier’s socks is anti-bacterial, soldiers can put on the socks wearing it for 2 months and it can still stay odorless. This kind of sock is made of – Silver Fiber.

Lengths of socks:

There are quite a few different lengths of socks, here are some of it >

Over the knee socks

-The length of sock reaches thigh’s position

Knee high socks:

-The length of sock reached knee’s position.

Crew socks:

-The length of sock reaches between calf and knee.

Ankle socks:

-The length of sock reached ankle’s position. Many people love wearing ankle sock to match their daily attire.

Low cut sock / liner sock / no shown sock

-The length of sock reaches below ankle, intended to stay out of sight when wearing it.

Different materials of socks:

As mentioned above, there are some very high tech materials which being used to produce advance functional socks. But you should also know about the basic and popular kind of materials in sock making. There are five types of popular materials in sock making, such as follow >

  1. DuPont Lycra

-Lycra is a kind of material which is stretchy and elastic. It is widely used in compression sock and sock which serve medical purposes.

  1. Cotton

-Cotton was once the most popular sock making material; it is very easy to work with. However, if a pair of sock which made entirely with cotton, this pair of sock will be total lack of elasticity, it will be ever hard for you to slide your feet into the socks. That’s why a good and durable pair of sock shall not make entirely with 100%. Usually, if a pair of sock with made with up to 85% of cotton can be considered as a fine and high quality. In sock marking, materials like polyester, nylon, Lycia will be added along with cotton. This type of sock is most common. We called this – Cotton Blended Sock.

  1. Nylon

-Nylon was invented by DuPont in 1938. Nylon is a good kind of sock making material, because nylon is durable, strong and stretchable. Adding nylon in sock making can added durability to the sock.

  1. Spandex

-In sock production industry, we called Spandex as: Stretchy Fiber. Because it is has such excellent stretchability, it can be stretched and pull by its own length up to 5-7 times. Adding spandex in sock making can increase stretchability of the sock.

  1. Bamboo Fiber

-Bamboo fiber is getting more and more popular; it is being using in clothing and many other garment productions. Characteristics of bamboo fiber are: soft, durable, non-fuzzy, dry fast, breathable and it is also anti-bacterial. It becomes a very popular sock making material, because it can help sock to stay odorless and dry.

-Interested in buying yourself a pair of fine quality of sock? Feel free to come to our shop to take a look here

Magritte’s Gallery

Magritte’s Gallery

This campaign celebrates the free play of imagination.

dasein_over the knee socks
dasein_over the knee socks
We urge people to become a freethinking spirit by choosing to choose, think and act differently for oneself. Instead of choosing not to choose and simple let people choose for us. We encourage people to distance oneself from all pre-conceived opinions and pre-established assumptions and simply let our imagination to take us to places that we don’t even dream of.
Rene Magritte is a great and inspiring artist whom challenges us to reconsider our pre-conception about reality, time and space. He takes ordinary objects from everyday life such as flower, apple, pipe and eggs etc and re-interprets and presents them in unusual ways that totally astound and awaken our senses.
dasein_women ankle socks dasein_women ankle socks (2) dasein_over the knee socks (5)
We try to play with very simple elements, patterns and lines to make an ordinary pair of socks a little less ordinary. We set out to overcome the limitation of socks production and reveal the potential possibilities-to-be of socks. And we are doing this step by step. We are trying to illustrate that things could look different and refreshing even we make only a very simple change. Big difference could be made with small steps taken, one at a time. All actions we choose to take throughout the course of living out our lives mount up together in the end. Thinking alone doesn’t make things happen. Action is what counts.
dasein women athletic socks .jpg dasein_over the knee socks (2) dasein women athletic socks dasein_over the knee socks (4)
We Da-Sein wants our customers to grow together with us. Break rules, re-evaluate assumptions and beliefs one holds dear to. We provoke everyone to overcome obstacles that block our way to self-transcendence. We could do this by starting to think slightly less differently.

Sock Shop Online

Sock Shop Online

Da-Sein Socks provides the best fashion and crew socks for women

Best Sock Shop Online

Please feel free to take a look of our products list as below :


Socks types :

There are many types of socks, a same type of socks often come with more than one names , here are some example :

Over the knee socks : thigh high socks , over thigh socks

Knee high socks : knee socks, tube socks , over calf socks

Crew socks : daily wear socks, everyday socks

Ankle Socks : anklet socks, bobby sock

Sport socks : athletic socks, elite socks